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An interactive meditation appthat can make you 10x more productive JAKE: So what is this Wuju thing you’re working on? ELI: It’s an interactive meditation app that can make you 10x more productive. JAKE: Woah, that’s as lot of words. Interactive meditation? What’s that, like a guided meditation? I used one of those meditation …
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May 24, 2022 07:31 AM

An interactive meditation app that can make you 10x more productive

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JAKE: So what is this Wuju thing you’re working on?
ELI: It’s an interactive meditation app that can make you 10x more productive.
JAKE: Woah, that’s as lot of words. Interactive meditation? What’s that, like a guided meditation? I used used one of those meditation apps for a while, but I couldn’t stick with it.
ELI: Well, this one doesn’t actually require any discipline.
JAKE: Really? How come? Cause you know, my discipline is really… ahm… lacking.
ELI: Well, you only use it when you need to, you don’t have to use it every day.
JAKE: OK, now you got me. Because the one thing I can never do is stick to habits. I’ve been trying to work out every day but most days I can’t force myself to do it. I’m just so lazy, you know?
ELI: Laziness isn’t a real thing you know.
JAKE: What? What do you mean ‘not a real thing’? I’m lazy, aren’t I?
ELI: When you say you’re lazy, do you mean you’re not doing the things you need to do?
JAKE: Yeah, exactly!
ELI: How about the things you want to do?
JAKE: Well, that depends. If this is something that’s immediately fun like watching a show or eating a snack, I’ll do it. But if it’s something that kind of unpleasant but is good for me like working out, I won’t.
ELI: Sounds like the child in you is winning over the grownup most of the time.
JAKE: Yep, that’s it. I just don’t want to grow up I guess.
ELI: You don’t?
JAKE: Well, I don’t want the bad stuff that come it it. You know – boredom, responsibility, death – I mean not actual death, just feeling dead, you know?
ELI: So you want to grow up, but still have fun and excitement, is that it?
JAKE: Exactly.
ELI: Well, Wuju can help you do that.
JAKE: OK, I don’t know what you’re selling here, but I’m buying.
ELI: Wait a sec, don’t you want to know how it works?
JAKE: Not really, I just want to get started. Being able to do what I really want long term, while still having fun, and I don’t even need discipline? This will change my whole life man. This will change everything. Where do I sign up?
ELI: Right here. Just put your credit card details and your email down and I’ll send you the subscription. It’s $80 a year.
JAKE: $80 a year? That’s quite a lot… You know, I just lost my job and I’m a little tight on cash right now, I’ll need to think about it a bit. Let me get back to you, OK?
ELI: Are you getting cold feet?
JAKE: Yeah, no, no, it’s just, you know, cash is really tight right now and I have this thing I need to fix in my car and it’s going to be at least 300 bucks. So yeah…
ELI: Well, one thing Wuju can help you with is the sense of scarcity.
JAKE: Scarcity?
ELI: Yeah, like the sense of never having enough?
JAKE: Yeah, I know what scarcity means, but what’s that got to do with anything?
ELI: Remember how we talked about being lazy? And how that’s an illusion?
JAKE: Sure…
JAKE: Wow, wait a sec. Wait just a God damn second. Are you implying that scarcity is an illusion too?
ELI: Yep (smiling)
JAKE: So… so the fact that I need this $300 fix for the car has nothing to do with buying this, whatcha call it, Wuju? — Yes — subscription? And it’s all an illusion?
ELI: Absolutely. And I can prove it to you too.
JAKE: What do you mean? Like, now?
ELI: Sure. Do you have 5 minutes?
JAKE: Of course. This sounds fascinating. Scarcity is an illusion. As I live and breathe…
ELI: Here, try this link.
(10 minutes later)
JAKE: Whoa, dude, this was incredible. I don’t know what you did there, but it’s like some kind of dark magic. I gotta be honest with you, I don’t actually need the $300 to fix my car. I think I might sell it instead. And my grandma, God bless her wrinkled soul, she left me some money, so I’ve got something to live off until I can get a job. And I can definitely afford the $80 for your app, absolutely. I actually think it’s worth way more than that.
ELI: Really? How much do you think it’s worth?
JAKE: I don’t know man. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s so profound. I don’t know. $400 maybe? Maybe even $500, now that I can see the possibilities. That was a really neat trick by the way, getting me to try it on the resistance I felt towards buying it.
ELI: Thanks. And thanks for your comment about the price too.
JAKE: Hey, I’m…
ELI: Oh, don’t worry, it’s still $80 for you.
JAKE: Whew, thanks. You got me worried there for a sec.
ELI: Yeah, no, it’s still $80 for you. And I’ll tell you what. I’m going to raise the prices soon, but if you have any friends you think it could help, I’ll give them the same deal I’m giving you.
JAKE: That’s very generous of you. Yeah, I got a couple of people I’m thinking of, three actually. I can send them over to you.
ELI: Actually, would you mind giving me their emails? This way you won’t need to remember to call them, I’ll do it instead. Just send their emails over here.
JAKE: Yeah, sure. Here, let me write this down for you. You’re right, I’m pretty bad with remembering tasks, it’s better that you do it. You’ll probably explain this Wuju voodoo better than I can.
ELI: Wuju can help you with that too.
JAKE: With what?
ELI: With your task “forgetfulness”. You’ll see. I’ll set you up with a weekly newsletter and I’ll show you how to use Wuju for a million different things. Sex too.
JAKE: OK, wow. I’m getting a little overwhelmed here. Sex, eh? Alright. Where did you say I need to write down my credit card details?
ELI: Right here.
(2 minutes later)
JAKE: OK, all done. Anything else I need to do?
ELI: Nope, this is it. You’re good to go.
(shaking hands)
JAKE: This was awesome Eli, thank you! I can feel the change happening in me already. I’ll be in touch.
ELI: Good luck!