Hey there, my name is Eli Finer.

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been a software developer for about 25 years and have had so called depression for the last 15.

I say so called because I’ve been diagnozed with depression, anxiety and bipolar at different points, took various medications and went to different kinds of therapy. None of the traditional methods really helped, so my faith in formal diagnoses is rather limited.

I’ve been studying and experimenting with alternative ways to understand my depression and find ways deal with it for the last 10 years.

This resulted in Wuju, an app that helps me (and some others) to process our emotions and that is responsible for my almost complete freedom from depression for the last 2 years (without meds, without therapy, and with a higher than usual accumualtion of life challenges).

I write about repressed emotions, how they impact our lives, how to manage them better and how Wuju can help with that in various circumstances.

Here’s a quick sample of my posts:

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